Mindfulness and Personal Development

The most magnificent possession of human beings is not their wealth but the mind. The mind is perhaps the essence of existence and the factor that makes humans a man or a woman. It is stated in the Bible that “God created humans in his image.” Similar to this there are various other texts that refer the human mind as a creation of the divine. It is the human mind that has separated him from the animal kingdom gave him the status of superiority and allowed him to control the planet.

The above-stated statements could be a matter of agreement and may be right and just to some, and may not be to others. But the truth here is, the mind is the essence of existence, and that truth isn’t dependable on approval.

Mindfulness Is An Art That Needs To Be Mastered

Mindfulness is the art of harnessing the ever escaping mind. The mind that always avoids makes it challenging to unleash its real potential. Thus mindfulness is very much essential for personal development. The trait of mindful is like a treasure that can enable a mind to dwell at peace, thereby contemplating deeply to realize the unrealized. Only when the mind will examine deeply, personal development will be possible.

To contemplate deeply, it requires a person to know how to do so. Mindfulness is to be aware of one’s surroundings. The mind has to be trained to dwell at one place at a time yet being aware of the surrounding, responsibility, and duties.

The Difference In Today’s World 

In today’s world, it is very much challenging to concentrate and be aware or just being mindful. The surrounding hustle and bustle makes the task even more challenging. But it does not also mean that you have to travel all the way to lonely mountains to meditate. As humans, we are very adaptive, and you have to train yourself to meditate amidst the hustle of modern life.

Being mindful of today’s world is often misunderstood. People think mindfulness as a degree that can be achieved which is never the case. Only practice and lot of concentration through meditation can make one mindful. It is a psychological process that keeps a mind aware of the present surroundings without dwelling in the future or hanging in the past. Over thinking about the history and being anxious about tomorrow does not let mind to be at peace. Here mindfulness comes into play which allows the mind to stay at present thus keeping it free from worries and tension. Mindfulness is also a great way to reduce stress.

Personal Development And Mindfulness Goes Hand In Hand

Mindfulness and personal development go hand in hand. Without harnessing spirituality, it is impossible to be mindful. Every dominant religion that had once dominated the earth used the power of mindfulness to achieve the state of enlightenment, which is the ultimate goal. Perceptions related to mindfulness well developed early in the history. The word ‘mindfulness’ itself is a translation of the Pali word ‘sati.’ Sati is also a significant element of the Buddhist tradition. The teachings of Buddha have mindfulness infused in it that delivers man from the shackle of suffering.

Thus considering the definition, perception, and application of mindfulness, it is a must, in the list of the personal development plan. Only through mindfulness, a man can realize his mission of existence and then groom oneself accordingly.