What are all on fours dental implants and whom do they suit?

Toothless is a common issue that is not limited to some specific area, rather the people all over the world are facing this problem. The more junk and packaged food we add to our diet, the more exposed our teeth become to the loss or damage. The reports tell us that there are around 35 million people in America at the moment who do not have teeth at all. This happens mainly due to aging and bad eating and hygiene habits. Thanks to the advancement in technology and dentistry that the people can now get facilitated by the All on four dental implants Las Vegas to have their teeth back in place and smile confidently once again.

So what is the all about four dental implant?

To understand the idea of all of four dental implants, you first need to learn what the dental implant is. The dental implant is a post that is made of titanium or some other metal that is inserted into the jawbone. The insertion or fusing process is a surgical process that places the post firmly into the jawbone. Once done, the dentist can place the artificial teeth on this post, and the result is a tooth that easily replaces the lost one. The artificial teeth that are mounted on these posts are strong and reliable, and you can enjoy eating almost everything with them.

Now that we know what a dental implant is let us take you through the all on fours dental implants.

The all on four dental implants are the implants meant for the whole set of teeth. You do not need to have a dental implant for the whole set of teeth in the upper or lower jaw. This could get sufficiently difficult and expensive and on the darker side too much surgical work for fusing implants for all 30 teeth. Therefore the all on fours dental implants were introduced to save the day. The theory behind these implants is that you place four implants in right positions in the jawbone structure and the resulting posts can bear all the teeth in the upper layer. Similarly, four dental implants are made in the lower layer, and the whole row of teeth can be mounted on it easily. The dental implant becomes a part of the jaw bone and serves as a very strong and long-lasting foundation for your teeth.

The dental implant or the All on four dental implants Las Vegas has many benefits over the conventional treatments, once the fusion is done in the jawbone, the chances for the bone loss become minimal and you can enjoy having good and healthy teeth for the rest of your life. The dental implants also help in maintaining the facial structure for you which makes you look youthful and pretty for several more years. So make your mind up, say goodbye to the miserable life and say hello to full teeth with the all on fours dental implants.