Keto friendly recipes

Break Carb-cravings!!

Sweetie, let me tell you very frankly it is not an easy affair, not an easy stuff at all. Then what to do? Get ready to reduce your calorie-intake. Well, for a foodie person like me it is just next to possible. Then what? Recently, a blog on low-Carb diet got me the right solution. The blog tells about Keto-diet which is high in nutrition but low in carbs.

It is not easy to follow a Keto-diet on a regular basis but if you have strong determination of losing weight steadily then you might get the mental-strength of continuing this diet. The most effective way is to prepare delicious Keto-foods at home only. These dishes can be prepared if you follow Keto nutrition-based recipes on a sincere note.

Low-Carb breakfasts:

Since breakfasts are the heaviest meals of the day therefore you should include some of the tastiest Keto-diet foods in them. Some popular Keto-foods included within breakfasts are as follows:

  • Veggies and eggs fried with coconut-oil.
  • Skillet eggs baked with chilly-oil, yogurt and spinach.
  • Cowboy skillet including avocado, eggs, sweet potatoes, salt, pepper, hot-sauce, raw-cheese, cilantro and others.
  • Dried-thyme and fat-cream cheese eggs and bacon.
  • Cottage-cheese muffins with flavorless eggs.
  • Cream-cheese pancakes.
  • Paleo-sausage eggs.
  • Coconut-chia pudding.
  • Eggs and bacon with tomato and avocado salad.
  • Smoked salmon-egg with stuffed avocado.
  • Almond-butter on apple.
  • Eggs along with sausage.
  • Bacon pancakes.
  • Goat cheese, chorizo omelet and spinach.

Sometimes, low-Carb waffles of great varieties are also being included and the ingredients added within these waffles are stevia, baking-powder, milk, coconut-flour, whole-egg and egg-whites.

Lip-smacking lunch-recipes:

  • Healthy salads: avocado-stuffed egg salads, sardine salad, Blueberry and Keto-kale salad, Chicken and kale-blueberry salad, egg salads, Avocado and shrimp salads, egg salads with spicy avocado, cilantro-chicken salad without mayo and many more.
  • Keto chicken, beef and pork recipes: Keto-stuffed chicken-breasts, creamy meat-balls, chicken-nuggets, spinach and ham mini-quiches, Chicken-0tender wrapped bacon baked in oven and Onions and bistek.
  • Keto sandwiches, pizzas and burgers: cauliflower pizza, eggplant burgers, Avocado-toasts with tomato and pistachio, Toasted and grain-free Italian bread, mini burgers, tuna-salad sandwiches, Bacon burgers with stir-free skillet and cabbage, guacamole burgers with stuffed bacon, and Mushroom-based cauliflower-crust pizzas.
  • Keto-seafood recipes: Keto-salmon curry, Smoky-tuna pickle-boats , Asian-tuna cakes, Salmon Florentine, tuna-bowl with roasted broccoli or cauliflower, salmon with ghee, garlic, lemon, ginger sauté and leek asparagus Pan-fried scallops and peach, fish sticks and  cucumber ham-wraps with smoked-salmon.

Delicious Keto-dishes for dinners:

  • Side-dishes: Italian-dressing oriented antipasto salads, breaded bracollli-bites, bacon stir-fry, sweat-pea coconut-hash, creamy cucumber-salad, garlic-spinach sauté and others.
  • Seafood or fish dishes: halibut baked with thai-chilli and lemon, simplest tuna-fish salads, lobster-roll salads, Zucchini-pasta with garlic and roasted shrimp, mustard sardine, tandoori salmon, pan-fried cod with garlic and ghee, salmon curry and salmon patties.
  • Easy beef recipes: liver and beef burgers, bacon burgers, onions and Paleo-bistek, Thai-beef lettuce-wraps, Paleo broccoli-beef, beef satay and cumin-spiced beef-wraps.
  • Chicken recipes: coconut-chicken tenders, easy-coconut chicken, Chili-roasted chicken-thighs, chicken spinach, grilled chicken-skewers having garlic-sauce, garlic-butter chicken in pressure-cooker, chicken-noodle soup,
  • Keto deserts: White-chocolate and Keto-macaroon fat-bombs and chocolate-almond fat-bombs.

These Keto-dishes can be easily prepared at home and they are tasty as well. There are many people who do not even get time for preparing these foods and thus prefer ordering them online.

Simple veggies and non-veg items are being clubbed together for creating these amazing dishes. Low amount of oil is being used for making these dishes. These dishes will keep your Carb controlled and thus your weight will not increase ever. Pruvit Keto OS can support your regular Keto-diet in a great way.