A Few Situations Where You Should File a Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury claims tend to get a bad rap, with defendants being portrayed a money hungry and without morals by the media, but the reality is that personal injury lawsuits are often entirely necessary in order for a victim of a no-fault injury to be able to regain their lives after an accident.

There are definitely times when people should consider filing personal injury claims, and here are a few to consider.

If you’ve been injured at work due to negligence.

When you agree to work for a company, you do so with the understanding that they will provide a safe and healthy work environment to the best of their ability. If a company fails to do this due to negligence on their part, and then you are injured, you deserve to file a worker’s compensation claim to help with your medical bills, loss of wages etc.

If you’ve been hurt in a hospital due to negligence.

When you go to a hospital, you rightfully expect the medical staff to provide you with careful and safe care to the best of their ability. However, unfortunately, hospitals are not free of injuries or medical complications caused by negligence. For example, if you develop complications after a surgery because a medical staff member left a sponge in the incision site, that would be an instance of medical negligence that caused you pain and suffering that could have easily been prevented by the staff members following proper procedure.

You’ve been hurt in a car accident, and the other driver is clearly at fault.

One in four Americans will be involved in a car accident during their lifetimes, and many car accidents happen where no one driver is at fault. But there are situations where injured parties may be entitled to compensation after a car crash. For example, if the driver who caused the crash was driving while intoxicated, and the injured party ended up with a large amount of medical bills, loss of wages, etc. due to the accident, then the injured party would likely have a claim. Keep in mind that while most states allow car accident claims to be filed, there are a few that do not, so make sure you know your state’s laws.

If you’ve been harmed due to the negligence of a manufacturer.

When you buy a product from a manufacturer, you buy it with good faith that they have done everything needed to make the product safe to use. However, each year, many people are injured by products that are unsafe or products that were improperly tested. For example, if you get into a car accident due to a defective vehicle, you should probably file a personal injury claim.

These are just a few of the situations that should cause an injured party to file a personal injury claim. There are many other types of personal injury claims, and if you have been hurt and suffered financial or other losses due to no fault of your own, you should contact a lawyer today to see what the laws in your state are and to see if you have a valid case.