Eating When Driving: Suggested Foods

Most states enforce a law that prohibits the use of cellphones and consumption of alcoholic beverages. However, there are no specific prohibitions regarding eating when driving. It can, of course, be classified as a form of driving distraction. According to the NHTSA, distracted driving can be referred to anything that takes the attention of drivers away from the main task of navigating the car and which would lead to a critical situation. When caught in such an act, aids like Kent car accident lawyers can help.

In July 2013, made a survey among 1,500 drivers. Respondents were divided into even numbers of male and female between ages 25 and above. The survey was all about what the driver thinks was the best food while driving.  In accordance, did an experiment test about which foods were safe on the road.

While eating is not advocated, there are still some people who will do it. Thus, if prevention is not the answer, then guidance is the key to safety.

Candy bars

Since it requires only one hand to consume, it has low-risk potential. It is also the number one favored food to eat by drivers according to the survey. If satisfaction and safety are present, it can be acceptable. Other candy bars provide health benefits like vitamins A, C, and D3, folic acids, iron, etc. It is sensible to choose candy bars that offer immune support. Other than that, choosing bars with drippings that stick less to the fingers are advisable as well for minimal slippery hold on the steering wheel.


During the experiment test, a fancy air-inflated doughnut was used as the subject. The test has shown that the food is easy to consume even in the midst of navigating in a left turn lane. Though it is advisable to look for falling bits of frostings from doughnuts, it is still considered to hold low danger potential.

Potato chips

Based on some studies, finger foods give less distraction when driving. In proportion to that, potato chips have ranked on the 3rd most favored food when driving. It is advisable to prepare a napkin on the lap to catch the dropping crumbles, however.

Chicken nuggets

The safety of the driver while eating a nugget on the drive can be determined according to where it is placed. According to Jeffrey Steele from, putting it on a lap is not advisable. In his experience, he put the Nuggets on his lap and it started to diminish gradually in proportion. He stepped on the brakes suddenly, and the nugget container tipped. This caused him to throw the nuggets away. He has claimed that the food has low danger potential if a driver can put the container in a safe position and avoid dipping of sauce.

Breakfast cereal

Based on the test, a bag of dry breakfast cereal has a low danger potential. When eating cereals while driving, the size is vital.  Cereals that are easy to hold is advisable.

Ending Note

While the food listed above have been labeled as preferable foods to consume when driving, it is still advisable to refrain from eating them if you don’t necessarily have to. According to statistics, 65% of near-miss accidents are the results of distracted driving due to eating. To prevent the same thing from happening to you, be a responsible driver.