Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

Are you an indoor person or an outdoor person? Did you know that there are a lot of health benefits to being an outdoor type of person? It has been scientifically proven that being outside has many health benefits to it including helping to reduce depression to lessening negativity. According to a health article, being outside versus inside, just makes us happier. It has been proven that simple nature walks can boost your mental health and positivity resulting in lower levels of stress and depression.

Exercising outdoors can also enhance your outlook on life versus working out inside. Having a hard time focusing? Scientist have discovered that your brain works better and you’re more focused when you are outdoors. How about strengthening your immunity? Being outside has been found to increase tumor and virus fighting white blood cells in women. From early spring into fall, being outside just rejuvenates your senses and boosts your over-all health. There is nothing like the smell of fresh air to free your mind of all that built-up clutter.

Some of the additional proven health benefits of being outside include: improvement in eye health, increase exercise, enhanced sleep, increase in vitamin D, a boost in your psychological health, good ole fresh air, grounding (bare skin on soil), an improvement in your short-term memory, restoration of your mental energy, stress reduction, inflammation reduction, improvement in concentration, possible anti-cancer benefits, and a boost in creativity.

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