Strength Training Tips For Beginners 

If you’ve been anywhere near social media in the last year, you’ll know that the days of the cardio craze are long behind us. Strength training is a huge fitness trend in 2018, and there are plenty of good reasons backing the shift. Building muscle is an awesome way to shed fat, improve your overall health, create a more positive mindset toward your body, and even boost your emotional wellbeing. If you’re just jumping on board the muscle-building bandwagon now, you’ll need these beginners’ tips to see results and stay safe.

  1. Understand your dietary needs. Bodybuilding requires a totally different approach to food that may be a radical change from what you’re used to. If you want to build real muscle, you’ll need to eat a substantial amount of good quality proteins, refuel with nutritious complex carbohydrates, and keep those calories high to make sure your body has the energy it needs to create more muscle. Bulk Powders can be a major help if you struggle to get it all in with food, and you can mix them with fruits and calcium rich-milk to create a balanced post work-out energy boost.
  2. You don’t necessarily need the gym. Many would-be bodybuilders mistakenly believe that they need an expensive gym membership in order to crate the body of their dreams. In reality, there are plenty of bodyweight-based routines you can try from home that will still strengthen your muscles, and tone up your body. You’ll find plenty of bodyweight workout ideas online, which can be adapted to include small equipment like dumbbells and kettle bells once your body is ready for the next challenge. A high quality gym with a weights room is great if you can afford it, but it’s not an essential for starting your new exercise routine.
  3. Get on a program. Even those of us who think we know a good amount about health and fitness can get it wrong when it comes to designing our own strength-building program. Speak to a trainer or look around online to find a specific, detailed program that tells you exactly what exercises to do and gives you a set routine to follow. This will prevent you from wasting time and energy messing around with various weights in the gym for months and never quite achieving your goals. It makes the whole process of starting a whole lot simpler.
  4. Give your muscles time to rest. Building muscle isn’t a case of getting as much time in the gym clocked as possible. It’s about doing an effective workout, then giving your muscles time to rest and rebuild. That’s how you’ll see real progress without burning yourself out after just a few weeks. Food and hydration are also crucial on these days – they’ll contribute to the results you’re hoping to achieve and prevent feelings of exhaustion and over-the-top muscle discomfort.
  5. Check your form. A common beginner’s mistake is getting into the weights room and repeating a movement without realising that your form isn’t quite right. Not only will this prevent the growth you want, it could also lead to serious pain and injury down the line. Ask a trainer to check your form, or watch videos online that demonstrate perfect form for each movement.