Uncover the Truth Behind Meth Detox Timelines

It’s always a relief for the family members and friends of a meth addict to hear that their loved one wants to stop using this dangerous drug. However, someone who attempts to do so without the proper treatment—especially during the difficult process of withdrawal—is putting themselves in serious danger. Meth detox treatment is, in fact, necessary and will help you start to build a solid foundation for recovery, as long as you follow it up with addiction treatment.

Meth withdrawal causes mostly psychological symptoms, so many people do not realize how dangerous it can be. Because it doesn’t create extreme pain—like opioid dependence—or shakiness or sweating—like alcohol withdrawal—people on the outside may not realize the war going on inside the addict. Relapse is a serious potential outcome of meth detox done without the proper care, but those who seek treatment can avoid this possible effect much easier. Those who don’t are in danger of overdosing and dying.

Many people attempt to recover from meth withdrawal and addiction by simply using a home detox kit, but these can actually be highly dangerous. In many cases, they do not offer even half of the necessary treatments for those going through this syndrome and they are filled with misinformation. In addition, those who try to go through meth withdrawal at home often cannot gauge the severity of their symptoms, especially because they are mostly psychological in nature. This could lead to relapse or other dangerous effects before the individual gets help.

Treatment for addiction can also seem too expensive to some, which is why they may avoid seeking this option and trying to withdraw alone (or even continuing to use). However, the truth is using a drug like meth on a daily basis is actually much more expensive than seeking help. If you are worried because you have no money with which to pay for treatment, there are free detox and rehab centers that can help you make a safe and effective recovery from meth abuse.

The fastest way to detox meth will always be going to a treatment facility. These professional programs will help you focus on getting through the most severe symptoms of withdrawal in about 1 to 2 weeks so you can continue on to addiction treatment. You may still experience lingering withdrawal symptoms, but many of these can be treated during rehab and you will have more coping skills by this point to help you deal with them.

Detox.com has a new study that outlines just how necessary meth detox is to a full, safe, and speedy recovery and why this is the best choice to make when it comes to treatment for your withdrawal symptoms. You may think you can overcome the problem all on your own, but it is actually going to be more difficult than you probably realize. Plus, why should you be expected to go it alone when there are so many resources available in professional detox to make your withdrawal safer and easier?